Things to keep in mind before finalizing your wedding hairstyle


A bride is the centre of attraction at weddings, therefore, her look should be flawless. Be it the attire, makeup or hair, there is no room for any kind of compromise. The Hairdos plays a major role in the bride’s appearance and hence it is really important for the bride to get the right hairstyle that matches with her face as well as her dress and accessories.

The hairstyles play a key role in the overall look of a bride. The hairstylists who bring glam to the looks have to take care of all the aspects while giving the perfect hairdo to the bride.

So here are some important points that you should keep in mind while selecting the perfect hairstyle for the D-Day!

Your Face Cut

It is the most important thing to be considered while selecting the perfect hairdo for your face. Identify your face cut and then settle on a particular updo. For example, girls with round or square faces should go for bangs or layers to give their face a definitive shape, while the brides with oval or diamond-shaped faces can keep their hair pulled back.



Every wedding season has a certain vibe to it, thus various trends for brides tend to emerge from this vibe. The weddings of the summer season need a little more attention as compared to winter weddings. The two most important things to take care of summer weddings is the venue as well as the hair for the bride. It is suggested keep your hair tied up if you are getting married in summers to avoid the mess. Plus, if you have selected any of the marriage halls in Delhi, then you can go for what you desire as closed setups are well-equipped with air conditioning systems.

Design of your Blouse

Your blouse neckline also helps to select the hairdo. If you are wearing a collar neck or halter neck, a bun on the top or a half up-half down hairstyle would be perfect. On the other hand, a common bun or braid would be good for deep neck or sweetheart necklines.

Type as well as the length of Hair

There are various hairstyles that require a certain length of the hair. Also, keep in mind the texture of your hair while selecting the hairstyle.

For anything else, your makeup artist will suggest you the best as per your look was chosen by you for the wedding day!

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