Can we Bet Without Taking Risks?

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Does it exist to not take risks in sports betting? I imagine that for you, betting on sports and risks are related. Otherwise, it would be too simple. I cannot go against that thought because by definition, making a bet is taking a risk even with free bets.

On the other hand, how do I explain that other punters and I make money regularly and over the long term? Has the risk disappeared? It is evident that the answer is no. But it can be reduced. I would say even more: it can be mastered and managed. You have probably already experienced this unpleasant situation where you will win your bet. You bet on the victory of the home team that outrageously dominated the game. What’s going on? Counterattack and goal of the opposing team that makes you lose your bet on their only chance of the match.

How to Reduce Risks in Sports Betting?

You will tell me that it is frustrating and I agree with you. Rest assured, we have all experienced this, even the pros. If this happens to you regularly, there are two possibilities:

  • Either you go on without thinking, telling yourself that you have not had a chance. And you continue without controlling anything, like the majority of punters.
  • Either you think about why and how, how to avoid this kind of misadventure that repeats itself again and again.

What Happens Next?

Suffice to say that for me, it’s the second choice that made me take a step back. I am talking to you here about a reflection that is several years old and that I still apply. Take for example football. After analyzing a match, you must imagine a match scenario following the analysis you have made. If you see the team that you have chosen to make the worst draw, then I advise you not to take a dry victory but rather a draw type bet, double-chance, or even a handicap bet or other similar betting offers.

Why? To protect as much of the imponderables during the game as possible. They are the enemies of the bettor. I can mention many of them: a goal against the course of the game in stoppage time, a red card, an imaginary penalty, a non-whistled offside that brings a goal, a waterlogged ground that brakes the ball in front of the ball.

And the lure of gain usually leads you to play odds of a minimum of 2, which is a mistake. There are no right or bad odds I remind you. A lower rating but “secure” – I put quotes here because secure does not mean much in sports bets as all bets are linked. I am talking about taking a lower rating in the draw no bet for example. I repeat, the draw no bet or the refunded match allows you to increase your probability of winning your bet to secure a bet is this.