6 Best Items to Sell to a Pawn Shop  

If you are in need of some quick cash, a pawn shop New York is a good place to start. While pawn shops offer short-term loans in exchange for holding collateral, they also will buy your items outright if you are looking to sell. Pawn shops are a great option for selling your unwanted items as they pay cash on the spot and require little effort on your part. Since pawn shops take and sell a wide range of products, you may find yourself wondering which items are they most likely to want to buy.

Precious Metals

One of the biggest sellers in any pawnshop is jewelry, which makes it a popular item for pawn shop owners to buy to keep up their inventory. The items that will fetch you the biggest prices are gold and other precious metals or gemstones. You are also likely to make a sale because most jewelry will appreciate over time making it a better investment for the pawn shop owners.


Technology is a part of everyday lives but can be costly for many people to obtain. Pawn shops know the demand for technology is high and are happy to purchase items such as tablets. If a tablet is in good condition, it is a popular buy for pawn shop shoppers and can fetch an even higher price when it comes with the box, accessories, and instruction manual.

Power Tools

Good power tools last a long time and can be an expensive purchase when they are bought new. This makes them a popular buy for pawn shops. Almost any type of power tool will bring you a good price with the most popular items being circular saw, drills, bandsaws, and compressors. You will get a better price if you thoroughly clean and degrease your items before bringing them in.

Collectible Currency

Many collectors will look through pawn shops to find the missing piece for their collections. So if you have any coins or currency that is collectible, it may be worth a trip to the pawn shop to see what they will give you for it. Some of the most collectible items are silver dollars, American Eagles, silver certificates, federal reserve notes, and unique or misprinted paper currency.

Sporting Goods

Since used sporting goods equipment can be quite costly, especially when compared to the use it gets, many buyers will go to pawn shops to buy equipment for their hobby or recreational sport. Pawn shops will usually pay higher prices for brand-name sporting equipment in good condition such as gym equipment, golf clubs, bikes, snowboards, or skis.

Video Game Consoles

Another money maker at pawn shops is video game consoles. To get the best price, bring your equipment with any controllers, box, and instructions. If you have games, you may be able to get a better price by selling it to the pawn shop as a bundle.

When looking for items to sell to a pawn shop New York consider the items above to get the best deals and walk out with the money you need.