Winter Tips to Protect Asphalt Paving

Derk Harmsen Construction asphalt paving knows property owners want to protect their business investments – and that includes the paved surfaces that not only shows the business as professional and well-maintained, but is also a safety factor that protects customer and employee vehicles. During the winter months, asphalt paved surfaces will have to endure cold weather factors that can cause failure:

  • freeze and thaw cycles create pavement cracks
  • cracks become potholes as they widen due to traffic
  • snow removal becomes a problem
  • water seeps beneath asphalt causing bulges

Before winter weather becomes extreme, your parking lot should be cleaned of debris such as leaves, branches, and dropped food or trash. While Texas may not get as much snow as the rest of the country, it certainly gets its fair share of heavy rainfall which can undermine your asphalt paving. Here are some tips to protect your asphalt paved surface during the winter:

Inspect for Pooling Water

If you notice pools of standing water at different locations on your asphalt driveway or parking lot, even though asphalt is a waterproof surface, tiny crevices will allow water to seep beneath the asphalt. This is where the freeze thaw cycle can begin to cause problems. This, and the other listed conditions is where Derk Harmsen Construction asphalt paving can prevent a small problem from becoming a major issue.

Pre-Winter Asphalt Prep

You can improve the performance of your asphalt lots with a little pre-winter prep. Asphalt reacts to both cold and hot temperatures. By having a seal coat applied you add an additional layer of protection against water, ice, and snow. You extend the life of your paved asphalt surfaces with sealcoating because it acts as a barrier against chemicals, salt, and gasoline – all of these can work to weaken the asphalt material.

Repair Asphalt Potholes

For businesses, potholes that form in asphalt can be a liability as customers may suffer vehicle damage and even accidental personal injury due to a large crack or pothole in your lot. For a professional repair, it is best to skip the DIY repairs and contact a pothole paving expert that uses cold mix asphalt to prevent major problems with potholes.

Use Salt De-icing Sparingly

You will have many choices for keeping your paved surfaces clear of ice and snow. The best method is to always have snow and ice plowed away after major weather. Deicers should be used sparingly – especially salt-based products. While salt will not deteriorate asphalt, it does increase the impact of freeze and thaw cycles. The best way to deice asphalt surfaces is with a salt and sand mix which also improve tire traction for drivers and reduces the impact on the environment.

Speak with a friendly customer service agent at Derk Harmsen Construction Asphalt Paving to discover how we can inspect and repair your paved surfaces before the brunt of winter causes more damage to your property. We are experts in roadway, parking lots, sidewalks, and driveway paving in the greater Houston, TX area.