What is the Way Restoration Companies Determine What to Price Their Customers?

The way a restoration company charges their customers about their services is different from other contractors. If you have ever remodeled your kitchen or renovated your kitchen, you would have first asked for bids from different contractors, so you are aware that the biddings are of different ranges. You would have seen that some companies charge three to four times more than the other companies.

But this is not the case of water restoration companies. When you visit multiple restoration companies for water damage and ask them what they will charge, you will see that they all quote nearly the same price. A little up or down, but the amount remains almost the same in almost every company you visit. And the reason is that your insurance company pays your water damage losses.

Therefore, the difference between both the cases is that when you want to renovate your kitchen, it is what you want to do, so from a lot of various bids, you are to decide what type of service you need; whereas, if you suffered flood damage, your home or business cleanup and restoration is what you have to do. This is a necessity that you can’t avoid and the restoration companies can’t change things that you or they want to change, they can only do what is needed, or else insurance companies won’t pay that extra amount or any more penny that is not worth.

So, what decides what should be the price?

In most of the reputed companies, they have software to do this job. A technician creates a floor plan for the affected area and then make a list of damaged items. Now, they will determine the square footage of standing water, the carpets that need to be replaced, walls that have to be replaced, floors that have to be replaced, etc. With that the software will calculate the labor cost, cost of materials, overhead costs, etc. and then calculates the total cost.