The Exciting Game Of New York

The New York offers a very exciting game for the people of the city to win with high profit is the lottery game. This game is inaugurated in 1967 with the approval of the constitutional amendment of the more number of New York peoples. The majority of people supported this lottery because the profit generated by playing this game was utilized for the educational purpose.

The process involved in playing this game is simple and very easy. The different kinds of the game offered by new York lottery are as follows

    • Numbers: This game is the process of drawing three digit numbers and each one is allowed to draw two times every day. The numbers range from 0 to 9.50 is the minimum wager. Based on the wager combination the amount may vary.
    • Win 4: This involves four drawing machines and the remaining steps are the same as the numbers game. The range of this ny lottery game is 50 cents and vary depending on the combination wagers.
    • Take 5: The cost of playing this game involves one dollar. It involves the process of drawing five numbers from 0 to 39 range.
    • Sweet million: It involves drawing of sweet animals.
    • Pick 10: This game is played during every night. It involves drawing of 10 numbers from 20 set of numbers.

These are some set of games conducted by the New York lottery for the people of New York. After playing this game you can wait for the result announcement of the ny lottery to see if you have won the prize. You can participate in this lottery game to contribute for the noble causes such as education and development of the New York City. For more information visit