Most Popular Crowdfunding Platform for Medical Cause in India

We are all aware of how popular crowdfunding has become in India in the last decade. Every personal cause ranging from medical to social to entrepreneurial purposes are being funded through donations, and this process is being accelerated by several influential crowdfunding websites in India.  

To make your decision easier, in this article, we will tell you about the most popular and influential crowdfunding platform for medical cause in India.

Founded in 2014 by Piyush Jain and Khushboo Jain, Impact Guru is the no.1 platform for you in case you are looking for medical crowdfunding in India. Anyone who wants to raise funds online for their medical expenses that are not covered by insurance can now rest easy.

The traditional way of doing this is seeking contributions (as a loan) from family members and return the money at some point. But for some very expensive medical procedures, raising money from family members sometimes is not enough and that’s why every now and then we keep seeing calls-for-donations on Facebook and other similar platforms, where people are collecting money for medical treatment of their loved ones.

Impact Guru is the platform that is making this process extremely smooth and effective. Anyone can contribute to the calls/campaigns for donations including your family, friends and other generous donors. Raising Rs. 10,00,000 from 1000 people is way easier than raising the same amount from five close family members.

And conveniently, you don’t have to think about paying back the money as the money provided is not a loan.

Since launching, Impact Guru has helped over 15,000 patients to crowdfund in last 4 years and mobilized over Rs. 150 crores across 15 countries.

The fee charged is also minimal, ranging between 5% to 12% of the raised amount, and the whole process only requires you to have an android mobile phone and internet connection, thanks to their mobile app which is free for campaigners.

So how simple is it to crowdfund for a medical cause with Impact Guru?

You will be a successful campaigner if you follow 3 simple steps, and Impact Guru makes sure to assist you throughout this whole process.

Step 1: Create Your Fundraiser

You have to fill in some basic details and the exact amount of money you will be needing. Try to make your profile as compelling as possible. For example, if the campaign if for a medical treatment, include details of the disease and the treatment you’ve opted for, and the amount of money you will be needing at every step. Do not hesitate to include photos and videos. Remember that genuinity is highly desirable and goes a long way to earn you some loyal donors.

Step 2: Share Your Fundraiser

With a minimal fee, Impact Guru already boosts your profile, but it doesn’t hurt to go that extra mile. Share it with your friends, and place an earnest request to them to share it among their friends. Remind them that even the slightest amount of contribution will help, because when thousands of people donate even as little as Rs. 100, the resulting amount turns out to be enormous.

Step 3: Keep Updating Your Profile And Receive Donations From All Over The World

Successful fundraising campaigns have seen their desired amount, which was in lakhs, pouring in within a week. While you need to hold on to your patience, you cannot let your profile become stagnant. Update your story regularly, because we all like to know about the difference that our tiny contribution has made in another person’s life. Don’t stop thanking your donors because gratitude doesn’t just get you financial support, it earns you moral strength too.

This is literally how seamlessly the process of medical crowdfunding is conducted here at Impact Guru, and the only way to verify our claim is to check it out for yourself. Don’t hesitate anymore and take this one step to enter a life of sufficiency and happiness.