Choosing the Right Sliding Door Hardware

There are many sliding door hardware options out there, so choosing the right type for your project can be a little overwhelming. However, with a little help, you will be able to find the right hardware for your project.

Internal or External: The first step should be choosing whether or not your hardware is going to be exposed to the elements. If it’s external, you need hardware that is going to be resistant to the weather and not corrode. Marine grade stainless steel options can give you better weather resistance.

How the Sliding Door Will Operate: There are different types of sliding doors, and this will determine which hardware is best suited for the project. Know what you want your doors to do, so you don’t have to change out hardware later.

Finding the Right Color: Look at the room where the sliding door is located and choose colors that you already have in the room, so they match. If there is a lot of brown, gold, pink, or navy, brown hardware might match better. For gray tones, light blue, white, or red, black hardware might be a good choice. When you buy cheap hardware, you can get a color that looks either rusty or gray, instead of black or brown, so avoid choosing hardware styles just because they’re cheap.

Choosing the Right Size: In order to get the right measurements, you need to know the opening width, opening height, and the door thickness. Sometimes the opening is not a standard size. This shouldn’t be a problem; just measure the opening first and then the sides, in order to make sure that they will slide completely out of the way. If you are looking for custom sliding door hardware, you may find that it is more expensive, since custom sizes aren’t manufactured as much.

Weight of the Door: It’s important to note the weight of the doors before installing any hardware and how the weight will be carried. If your project requires heavy doors but doesn’t have support, then a bottom rolling system could be more useful. This type of system will carry the weight at the bottom, which means there isn’t a need for any major structural support. The weight of the door is also important to make sure your hardware system can be installed correctly.

Be Mindful of Material: You should pick hardware that can cater to the type of door material you have. There is hardware that can be more suitable for glass doors and other hardware that is better suited for metal or wooden doors.

Choosing the Design: There are many designs to choose from and many times it comes down to personal preference. Designs can range from simple to complex and you can choose a design that fits your style and budget.